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Regional Leaders Conference: Dallas, TX

At Lucio Marketing, we love to give our strong employees the opportunity to learn and grow with our team. Our business trips allow us to consistently deliver company goals and build stronger employees. In order to meet our national goals we developed an Award Winning Management Training Program, which creates driven people into managers that can help us expand our brand. This trip was no different to enhance these skills. 

We had a lot of fun on our trip to Dallas Texas, for the Regional Leaders Conference. Our team did a lot of networking with the top people in the nation and learned important skills from our National consultants.

The meeting constituted of a few different subjects, the main focus being Team Identity, the importance of recruiting, how to build goals, and the mentality of entrepreneurship.

We asked our Assistant Director; Jesus Garcia, what he learned from the conference,  “If I had to select one overall subject it would be how to prepare myself to conduct a business, it was definitely a great experience.”

The conference also entailed the giving out of awards to the top leaders in the nation; Diamond Awards, and Assistant Director Awards.

We are very proud to say that The Diamond Award was given to our very own Director; Juan Lucio, for being a speaker in multiple national conferences.

We also want to congratulate our Assistant Director Jesus Garcia for his official Assistant Director Award.

Our team was really excited after coming back from our trip. We were pumped to apply what we learned to our work. This conference gave us the opportunity to grow and expand the team unity in our business. It gives our team the ability to see the big picture in the business and also prepares our employees for success.  

Overall, our Dallas trip accomplished us to obtain our overall goals. As well as developed entrepreneur skills, helped us expand to new markets, and prepared us to be the number one team in the nation!

Lucio Marketing, Inc. is growing!