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Team Member Spotlight Series: José Luis Garcia Jr.

Welcome to our Team Member Spotlight Series, in which we sit down with one team member a week in a rapid fire Q&A to find out a little bit about the people who make up Lucio Marketing. 

Meet José Luis Garcia Jr., an essential team member here at Lucio Marketing. We are very excited to have José on board our ever-growing team. José, who goes by the name JR in the office is one of our top Account Managers who is helping lead our team to success. With JR’s rapid path in exceeding company goals in just a short time, we know he is well on his way to be a top leader here at our McAllen TX location. We have see JR become an outstanding Account Manager who is helping shape our business and our featured Lucio Marketing Team Member this week in our Team Member Spotlight Series. Like all our Account Managers, the skill JR brings to the team is greatly appreciated.

Each segment we will feature one of our team members, find out what he/she does in Lucio Marketing, and how he/she works in Lucio Marketing while being part of our expanding team. As well as some fun facts!

Here is what we asked José Luis Garcia Jr.

Q: Job Title? 

A: Account Manager

Q: How long have you been with Lucio Marketing? 

A: 3 months

Q: What drives you? 

A: Family, my daughter and my son.  

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Lucio Marketing? 

A: Management position program, amazing atmosphere. Best job I ever had!!

Q: What makes you passionate about this business? 

A: My goals and future on growing in this business and my "Y"!

Q: What are your hobbies? 

A: Basketball, lifting, reading.

Q: What's your favorite social media platforms? 

A: Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook.

Q: What is your creative outlet? 

A: Gym, fitness. In this business pulling yourself further that what you expected you could go really makes a different in the path to success. The same goes for fitness; if you don’t push yourself to be better then you wont get fit.

Q: Where is your go to place to relax? 

A: Gym, library. 

Q: Where is your go to place to have fun? 

A: Spending time with my kids.

Q: How has Lucio Marketing helped you grow? 

A: Being responsible, growing, saving money, realizing a great opportunity in my future.

Q: What is the environment like at Lucio Marketing? 

A: Professional, fun, caring, motivational, energy, optimistic, etc.

Q: What fun things have you done at Lucio Marketing? 

A: Grow my team, networking with different type of people around the country, experiencing new markets, road trips, and team nights.

Q: Describe one of your most memorable moments at Lucio Marketing. 

A: Meeting Mike T, and seeing the representatives I trained getting promoted to account manager!

Q: What's your favorite part about our road trips?

A: Experiencing new territories, environment, people, being able to learn about them!

Q: Who inspires you? Why?

A: Mr. Lucio (director of operations) and Jesus Garcia (assistant director) to reach my goals and giving my family a better future.

Q: What kind of music do you like to listen to while you are in the training sessions? 

A: Country 

Q: What's the best advice you've received that has helped you in this business? 

A: There is many, list goes on and on. My top one would be, knowing your Y.

Q: How has Lucio Marketing helped you with your personal success? 

A: Helped me be more responsible by always having me thinking about my future and achieving my goals. I realized it is so important to plan ahead not only in a business aspect but also in life.  

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to join our business? 

A: Keep your standards high, know that in this business the sky is the limit and never settle for the less. This business is very professional.

Q: What's one tip you think everyone should know about this business? 

A: Always have a student mentality, be willing to learn and be hungry and humble. 

Q: How can the public get to know/ reach you on social media?

A: Message me directly on any set social media. If you any questions about the business. 

Q: Any additional information you would like to share?

A: My only regret about Lucio Marketing and this business would be.... not finding it any sooner!!!

This was our featured Team Member Spotlight Series this week. Thanks For Reading!

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