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Linkedin Workshop Hosted By Krystal Molina

Happy New Year to everyone! Here at Lucio Marketing Inc., we are having a great start to the 2018 New Year! In our first week, we started off the year with an informative LinkedIn Workshop, hosted by our very own Account Manager, Krystal Molina.

Krystal Molina has been with us for a few months now and has shown nothing but drive and positive energy.  She came to us shortly after graduating from The University of Rio Grande Valley, where she studied Psychology and Marketing.

We knew it would be beneficial to host a LinkedIn workshop for our marketing team for several reasons. First off, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It is for anybody and everybody who's interested in taking their professional lives seriously by finding new opportunities to grow their careers and to connect with other professionals. 

We encourage our team members to get connected with other professionals in the marketing field and to find inspiration in those successful entrepreneurs and their business practices. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to discover new professionals either locally or internationally that may provide motivation and any additional knowledgebase in the business community.

The training also covered keeping a professional presence on social media. We have a good amount of team members in college or straight out of college just starting their professional careers so why not help them get a good start in the business community. It's also great to get connected with everyone at their current workplace and having them “endorse” each other on the skill set they develop here at Lucio Marketing.

Krystal said, “When I was in school I had a professor tell me, ‘success is when opportunity meets preparation’, I believe LinkedIn is a good way to envision that for Lucio Marketing, and a good way to guide everyone to instill professionalism in our business.”

Next week we will be continuing with part two of our LinkedIn Workshop, where we will be giving our team the opportunity to get their professional portrait headshots taken by our photographer for their LinkedIn profile. 

Lucio Marketing, Inc. is growing!